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Saturday, August 06, 2005


When my big brother died, I called my oldest friend to tell her. Now, I've known this person forever and have always forgiven her the only child complex which colors almost everything she does and is.

This time, however ... hmm. She knew about problems that emerged while my dad was dying, problems between this brother's wife and my sister and I. And so, in response to hearing he'd died, she said "Well, now you're rid of that wife and you never have to see her again."

I didn't really respond at the time. But it was like a defining moment for me, a sudden flash which illuminated the huge and vast and impassable and gigantic gulf between me and this person I'd always called my oldest friend in the world. And I've thought about it almost every day since --- toying with it, tryig to determine the exact motivation behind the words, turning it over and over and over in my mind.

I've thought about it especially over the past few days. I've been spending a lot of time at MJ's and at the blogs of the people involved in the the Mom's Cancer series. I've thought about how messy and tragic all families are, and how those of us who ae truly fortunate are able to transcend all the fighting and manipulation and games which are a natural part of family, and how those of us who are lucky are able to move through and establish relationships grounded in the past, but bearing no resemblance to the past.

Those of us who are lucky are able to grow past how gorgeous we were --- and they were --- when we were 23 (who isn't gorgeous at 23?). We come to understand that there are things which are so much more important than the squabbles we had, and that there are things which are truly unforgiveable --- but not many.

An only child may not understand that rabbit kicking your brother when you're 8 hardly qualifies as fodder for lifelong grudges, or that it's to be expected that the young males in the house will lay in wait for the youngest sister with judo kicks and karate chops, and sometimes breaking the Monopoly board over a sibling's head really is the only reasonable response.

Phase two: Preparing for winter

Samurai movies.


A schoolgirl died in the medical tent after sinking herself in the stream to escape from the burning heat from morning till late evening.

A schoolboy jumped off a carrying wagon looking for his parents, even though he had a broken bone projecting from his ankle.

I heard a weak cry from the dark to the clatter of military boots "Soldier, please help me!"

People came one after another to a temporary Buddhist altar to inquire about the fate of their relatives and went off in vain to another place.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

More storing up goodies for the winter

More ant nature: stockpiling winter's entertainment, beginning with films.

So far:

All About Eve
Kaspar Hauser, or Every Man For Himself and God Against All
My Life as a Dog
Dr. Strangelove
American History X

The state of the garden, August 2005

It was not a great year for tomatoes. The weather was much too odd, with first a freeze walloping my carefully nurtured seedlings --- then unseasonable early heat which hardly relented meant the plants didn't have that nice in-between place they need to develop before producing.

I also made the mistake of planting two of the maters in near full sun. I've never done that before and will never do it again, no matter what anyone says. It simply doesn't work for me.

So, all in all, an odd year for the maters. The best have been the cherries in the strawberry bed on the front porch. They produced enough for a nice snack every single day, and their taste is wonderful! I'll have to dig around and find out what kind they are because they're very, very nice.

Today's and yesterday's harvest from the beleaguered plants out back.

In other gardening news, we're transitioning from one phase to another. The echinacea and basil are calming down, and the morning glories did horribly this year, although it's possible the moon flowers will still grow.

The tropical hibiscus is coming in, however, and it looks like it's going to be a good year for it. Several blossoms already, although the leaves are looking kind of sickly.

It also looks like it might be a gangbuster year for loofah. Here's the first flower starting to unfurl.

And finally, the wild poinsettia is finally starting to color up. It doesn't look at all impressive in this picture, but just wait a few days. The butterflies and hummingbirds absolutely love this stuff!

Becoming Ant

Last night, while paying bills, assessing the state of the garden, and stockpiling for the possible Avian Flu Pandemic, I realized I'm no longer grasshopper, but now ant.

When did that happen?

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

More about the bosom epidemic

After some serious consideration, I've concluded that probably 90% of the absurd bosoms at Flash Your Rack are the result of boob jobs, and NOT an excess of female hormones in our national food and water supplies.

Which might be even scarier.

Woah, mark your calendars, dudes and dudettes!!!

OkieDoke reminds us the Perseids meteor showers will be the best of all the meteor showers this year, and the best viewing will be August 12.

Thank gawd classes won't start til the 18th, so I can arrange my schedule to meteor watch!

I now have an office

See what a few days of refusing to answer the phone and acting like you knew NOTHING about those meetings will get you?

I've almost completely finished painting the floor in the office. Oh sure, there's floor paint on the walls, but I'll just have to clean that up over the next few months.

But first, I've got to get the office out of the kitchen. Meaning I've got to move the computer off the kitchen table.

The office is also becoming a little exercise room slash guest bedroom. I'm moving my yoga mat back there and my stairmaster.

I'm keep the rack for drying clothes and the ironing board in there. There's really nowhere else to put them, except in the giant bathroom, and they work best in the office (at least for now) so ... they stay.

All I really have to do back there now (besides finishing the floor and cleaning up) is finish getting the wallboard off that one area. I'm working on turning the framing there into sort of shelves. More importantly, that room is way too shut off. By getting that wallboard off, the space will be opened up and much more pleasant.

Next: I finish the kitchen cabinets and the bathroom floors (yes, two different floors, two different sets of problems), and paint the foyer area between the office and the living room.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Slumming, Hormones, Bosom Epidemic, Etc.

When the locusts begin drowning out the crickets and treefrogs, I always get a little sad. That sound means summer is almost over, and what's left of it is too hot and worn for much of anything good. Which is exactly how it's been here lately.

So I've been waking up early to mow (quite a job when the grass is still thick with dew) and pick tomatoes and herbs and cut back plants --- then back inside around 10-11, and trying my best NOT to go back out til after 5 or 6 pm.

Once inside, I've been painting and .. slumming on the internets. In between fashioning a real live office space (can you believe it?), I've been lurking on Fucked Company, which is NOT for the prudish but very fun once you figure out the goal is to get an excellent troll going.

And I've been browsing Flash Your Rack. And all I have to say is good gawd almighty people, we have GOT to get the estrogen OUT of the national food and water supplies. I'm no slouch in the bosom department, but jeebus!! Them things getting flashed over there are scary --- really they are.

Scarier are the drunken or drugged women who ought to know better but are flashing them anyway. < shudder >

Really, if you haven't checked out Flash Your Rack., you ought to. It's really quite amazing what's happened to bosoms in the few short years (ha ha) since I was a girl.

Sunday, July 31, 2005

I think I've discovered what's the matter with Kansas

Do we really want these people voting Dem?