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Thursday, August 11, 2005



Solar cooking

I'm cooking dinner right now in a solar oven, just like this one, in fact. I got it several years ago but only figured out how best to use it a few months ago.

It's cooking chicken with tomatoes and basil (homegrown). It will take most of the afternoon to get it just right, but will be well worth it --- just think: roast chicken in the middle of summer --- during a heatwave, no less, and no heating the house up.

I'm also considering building an earthen oven. I've thought about it for a long time, but kept putting off doing it because I've been so overrun by critters. I seem to have turned a corner this year, however, and am finally approaching enough civilization here that I can reasonably consider building an outdoor oven and cooking in it without attracting every raccoon, possum, rat, coyote, buzzard and whatever for miles around.

Think this wll be the next book I get: Build Your Own Earth Oven: A Low Cost Wood-Fired Mud Oven

He's one of us

A week or so ago, I got into a huge kerfluffle on Kos about this asshat and his minions because no one on Kos wanted to acknowledge that his Democratic affiliations are problematic, at best. Jesus, people, grab the clue phone. If you're going to go around pointing fingers at Tom Delay and James Dobson and the rest of the loony right for their leaping, oozing, seething, stinking hypocrisy, for their amorality, for thir cruelty, you better be pretty darned clean. And Phelps' association with the Dems leaves us wide open for exactly those accusations, and worse.

No wonder we keep losing.

Poison Ivy

I have poison ivy on my hands. It's amazingly annoying.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

This afternoon ...

I'm going to my first meeting of the year --- and I will be smelling vaguely of Eau de Horse Shit.

Monday, August 08, 2005

True Confession

I've been trolling the trolls on the Psychotic Farmers Forum. Yes, you read that right --- I haven't been trolling the forum. I've been trolling (although taunting is actually more accurate) some trolls who troll the Psychotic Farmers Forum. These trolls even have a "secret" forum that everyone knows about where they discuss their trolling and gossip about everyone --- kind of like what sewing bees and kafe klatches used to be about.

I feel terribly guilty about doing this, but it's just been SO FUN! It's been kind of like letting off stink bombs or using poopoo cushions during Mass.

Bush to arrest protesting mother of dead soldier

This is so completely amoral and evil that it leaves me speechless.

And you've wondered ...

It matters little how
we pass the last few days.

A few more moons or winters and
not one descendant of
the mighty host that moved
over this vast prairie will recollect.

- Minerva Allen
Like Spirits of the Past Trying to Break Out and Walk to the West

... why I would never ever consider writing a book. See, the best title is already taken.