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Saturday, November 12, 2005

I am more back ...

... than I have been in weeks. Too much has gone on --- too much! But I think I've turned a corner, knock on wood.

I feel better than I have for a long time. I still have way too much (including grading) to do, but the students have backed down and the country seems to be catching on to Bush and his evil empire. So that's good.

The bad news is, they've caught on after the Republicans got put into office, which has meant the deaths of how many thousands of people? the bankrupting of the country, the stripping of any kind of safety net for anyone but the rich (and the corporations), and etc.

I am so very tired of all of it. It leaves me feeling really quite passionless anymore. The face of evil will do that, you know --- strip you of any feeling and leave you empty.

So the news is somewhat mixed this week. The big news for me is that the treefrogs in the composter have finally gone into hibernation. It's still much too warm for mid-November, but I was starting to worry about their ability to stay okay in the composter. It's been three days now since I've seen them.

One of the treefrogs was getting to be downright personable, too. He's the most monstrous of the bunch and always up to some kind of hijinx. I learned to be very careful lifting the lid because he was usually barely hanging off the inside rim --- if you've never seen a treefrog hanging on for dear life by the front and back legs on only one side, you've missed out. He used to try to hide and peek out at me, sure i couldn't see him.

Here he is as a young fellow.

He looks a bit like a tiny dinosaur, doesn't he? Very different from the other treefrogs in the composter, who have almost Buddha-like presences.

I once caught him right after he'd eaten too much and was looking positively obese,just blown up like a balloon. If I'm not mistaken, he must have either burped or backwards-burped (if you catch my drift), as his huge pot belly suddenly expanded in size, then went back to normal. My my, a gassy little fellow!

The leopard frogs meanwhile are trying to hibernate right under the leaves. I keep moving them to safer spots, but it's not working! Oh well, looks like i won't be raking til next summer.

Meanwhile, I have maybe five cardinal pairs setting up camp for the winter. And after a very strange month or so after Katrina where ALL the birds here disappeared, things are finally back to normal and the birds are once again everywhere preparing to hunker down for the winter.

I just want normal life. That's all.

Friday, November 11, 2005


It works! Blogger support did some kind of doodling around so Safari can work, and it worked!!!

OMG! Okay, I have to go cut down some trees (read: take my loppers out back and whop down some skinny old things), but I'll be back later and maybe even post!

I'm so excited!

So here's a little something to hold you til I'm back: I just ordered the Dalai Lama's Universe in an Atom and Shaft (the movie). Woah ....

me after days of stressing over my inability to post a blog entry ---- > !

Testing again

testing testing testing ....

Thursday, November 10, 2005

And again

Testing yet again

Testing again

testing testing