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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Some of the things I've learned while not blogging

1. Benadryl can cause gout. I've been dealing with this one for three years now, and no one ever bothered to tell me Benadryl may be responsible. It all began the December after the summer when I fell asleep on the sofa after opening all the windows, and woke up going into anaphylactic shock. Then, the following October, this entire community was flattened by some strange allergic substance and we were all told to keep our Benadryl handy. I made a solemn vow then to never stop taking Benadryl until after the last killing frost.

That December, I got my first round of gout in the toes on my left foot. Needless to say, I was horrified. There are kidney problems in my family and I was certain this was a sign I was well into kidney failure. I completely changed my diet --- although I refused to take the evil anti-gout pills --- and immediately blew up like a balloon because I began eating very few meats and concentrated my diet almost entirely on fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Low purine whole grains, but still.

I went through one more bout of gout (?), then nothing --- until this December. When it came back with a vengeance and for reasons I couldn't explain. What the hell was going on?

Well, I'll tell you what was going on. I'd been taking Benadryl off and on because the drought and the unseasonably warm weather have been kicking up all kinds of allergens. It wasn't until a day or so ago when I was looking up various substances which might trigger gout, and in particular niacin, that I discovered diphenhydramine --- which is Benadryl --- can trigger gout in some people.

I was totally bollocksed. Or is that bolluxed? Whatever, I stopped the Benadryl. And voila! The gout was gone within three days.

2. If you cancel your long distance service to take a deal with another long distance service, the original long distance service will make you an even better deal.

3. If you cancel your internet service to take a better deal with another internet service, the original internet service will make you an even better offer.

4. Strong tea is an even more effective transport mechanism for caffeine than coffee.

5. There are some very, very young people posting at Daily Kos. They have not yet lived enough to have anything resembling a clue.

6. I strongly disagree with most current theories concerning education in America, although I also think NCLB is a joke.

7. eBay is not a good place to purchase pottery items. The seller never remembers to purchase insurance and the items always get broken and you have a freaking hassle on your hands.

8. It may not be the best idea to spend so much money on new clothes, but if it's been 5-6 years since you've really had anything decent to wear (as a consequence of the inevitable bankruptcy of grad school), it certainly seems like just the right thing to do.

9. Sometimes it just isn't in you to answer comments or emails because your brain is all tied up.

10. A Midwive's Tale really is a good book.

11. People who claim to be Wiccans are usually kind of odd.


At 11:55 AM, Blogger Leila M. said...


At 12:09 PM, Blogger Cookie said...

Yes, gout. On the top joints of two twos (the middle ones) on my left foot. When it first happened, I was certain they were going to have to amputate.

At 4:22 PM, Blogger Jason F said...

Amazingly, I too had a similar situation. Just this year, early spring here in Seattle--early tree pollens in late Jan-May. I started hitting the Benadryl (diphenhydramine) hard because it is about the best working allergy med out there, especially for itchy eyes. Then I had a mild but persistent gout-break. Having not changed my diet and all things being equal I finally narrowed the culprit to the Benadryl. A lot of web searching gave only a little information but even the most prominent med. web sites do list gout as a previous condition to "inform your doctor" about when taking diphenhydramine. No where does it say that the benadryl will actually 'cause' the gout. So, I cut my benadryl down to about 1/4 and take it more frequently and the gout has subsided. I even had BBQ Beef brisket one day then a prime-rib dip the next and a Beef tenderloin that night, then went out drinking with some friends--normally it would make my foot hurt just thinking about it but... Nothing. Back to my old self.


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