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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Day Five? Six?

I don't remember.

I am whooped. And it's great.

I planted two blueberries and a crepe myrtle yesterday, and did some other doodling around out there. I haven't gotten any more seeds started --- I'll do that today because I'm just too whooped to do much else.

The problem now is trying to figure out where to put the viburnum --- front or back?

There is so much sitting around here in pots just waiting to get planted. Butterfly bushes, more crepe myrtles I got on sale, another blueberry or two, some elderberries and grapes --- plus a ton of trees and more bushes which won't be ready to go in the ground for another year or so.

A lot of these plants I meant to get in the ground last year during the last part of my spring break. Then my brother died. I got the call just about 10 a.m. a year ago today.

I'm glad this past year is over. I did nothing in his memory today except live my life. Somehow that seems like the right thing to do. I think he'd like a meeting of his strange collection of friends --- they're all scientific types and very, very geeky. I mean, Kings and Queens of the Geeks and Nerds, which I consider an incredibly honorific designation. And I know they had just that.

But there was the other side of him which was naturalist. He could never do the outdoors like I can because his allergies were so bad, coupled with asthma. And in recent years, he was becoming progressively crippled by something unidentified which he pretended he didn't have. But he still did a fair amount, as much as he could, and he'd forgotten more than I'll ever know. So today I did normal outdoor things, in his honor. I bought straw for mulching and building more soil. I did a little mowing, to help ensure the insect population doesn't get a stronghold here. I poured coffee and tea and grounds and leaves over the strawberries and blueberries. I scattered peat and began planning where things are going to be planted.

I clucked at the guineas and took my dogs back there again, trying to acclimate them a bit more. I think the guineas are going to stay around. My brother would have scolded me over that because they make such horrible noise.. But he would have been secretly pleased because nothing can clear an area of lawn grubs and ticks and fleas faster than a herd of guineas. Not to mention, that good guinea poop.

Tonight, I start my second flat of seeds.


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