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Monday, March 13, 2006

Day Three, End

I simply can't title post after post the same.

So it's come to the end of Day Three, and I've gotten a bit done.

I'm so terribly out of shape, though --- which I usually am at the end of winter, but especially this year, thanks to the sickness that went first in my right ear and then down.

And I have to find a new job. I spent the morning anxiety ridden.

And I wish there was less "I" in all this, but "I" is what it is right now.

So, for starters, the guineas (see picture below) are roosting at night in one of the oaks in my back yard. They don't like people a bit. Not a bit. And I don't know where they go mid-day, but they're here every morning and every afternoon, and are sleeping high in the trees at night.

And the treefrogs are singing at night. Their singing is still faint but they're definitely starting to come out of hibernation. But we're getting a freeze tonight --- fortunately not too hard a freeze, but a freeze nonetheless. I hope the redbuds and dogwoods survive. I forgot to put covering on one of my blueberries which has started leafing out.

I started two varieties of tomatoes today: Red Gold, which is supposedly a cult favorite heirloom, and a bush tomato called Celebrity. I also finished another bed (although not the one I intended) and adjusted one out back, so I can plant another grape there.

Tomorrow, I have to go into town to get peat and maybe a bit of soil, then some more straw. And get the lawn mower in. I'm going to have to mow by weekend.

Tornadoes struck about 40-50 miles north last night. I know some people in the communities that were hit. I'm hoping they're okay.

Meanwhile, the western part of the state is still in flames.


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