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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Gardening Journal, 2006, Day Two

It's not my brother. Despite my convoluted rationalizations, my funk is because I hate my job. I know because I'm on break, and I woke up this morning in a glorious mood because I don't have to grade, don't have to prepare anything, don't have to worry about standing in front of rooms full of students, most of whom (like me) would rather be anywhere but there.

Damn. So I'm back at square one.

Despite the funk, the gardening chores are starting to come along. I got the front bed about 3/4 of the way built yesterday. Then storms started moving through, fortunately going just northeast because they were whoppers. But their winds could be felt all the way here, and the sky was a very nasty black. So I got interrupted and didn't finish. Besides, carting those cinder blocks around was a real chore and I hadn't eaten enough, so didn't have quite the energy needed. Not to mention, it's the beginning of the season, and I did spend a month flat on my back, except when I was teaching. Kind of out of shape!

This storm produced tornados, too, touching down just east of the Arkansas line, or about 15-20 miles from me.

One of the most amazing things about living out here is that you can hear the storms for miles and miles. Last night, I watched lightning from about 30-40 miles south of me. I'm not sure what this is about. We're mountainous here and heavily forested. I assume the mountains and forests are somehow different kinds of "obstacles" than large buildings and the like. More interesting is that the mountains and forests really do dissipate the storms, while buildings don't. Even though we can hear and see the storms here. Maybe it has something to do with heat retention? Solidity? I have no idea.

Well, whatever.

I got seed flats prepared, and will be starting tomatoes, thyme (yes, more thyme), lion's ears, Pride of Gibaltar, and Cathedral Bells tonight. I also put a mess of seeds in the freezer --- meant to do that a while back, but --- well, but didn't get around to it.

The best part of the day was that two guineas showed up and humiliated one of my dogs by honking and cackling at him. They're very handsome fellows and were really chowing down on the bugs --- much preferable to the damned armadillo who's been digging holes everywhere. But I haven't seen (or heard) the guineas yet today. Maybe they went home.

I got very, very grubby yesterday. It was heavenly.


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