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Monday, March 13, 2006

I have to get a new job

This is really bad. I really really hate my job, and none of my psychological backflips are helping.

I've tried from "at least I have a job" to "oh don't take it so seriously" to "there's nothing better out there" and back again, and none of it is helping.

I've pondered whether I have commitment issues, which is somewhat of a given about a lot of things.

I've fretted over whether I'm just terribly selfish, and this selfishness is why I'm unable to sacrifice myself for the next generation of little heathens.

I've worried that I'm just flatout lazy.

None of it is working. I have simply come to hate the job. Too little money for way too much work, and the commute is a bitch.

My mind is thoroughly clouded by thinking about it.


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