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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I still hate my job

But I'm becoming a little more --- um --- accepting of the fact that I hate my job. See, despite my wild eyed visions last week of tearing screaming off the job, I tallied my expenses and realized I can't quit my job unless I'm handed an even better job.

So good sense has overwhelmed the instinct to LIVE PLEASE I JUST WANT TO LIVE.

A more immediate problem is that I've managed to bamboozle myself into the especially uncomfortable position of having to do almost nothing but sit on my duff and write for weeks and weeks on end.

And not fun writing either.

Plus, if you read the post immediately preceding this one, you'll note that I quite clearly stated in there I'm now unable to write. So how the hell am I going to perform at top form in writing if I'm already so burnt out, I can't write worth a damn?

Plus, hello! It's spring! I'm supposed to be starting seeds and planting trees, not sitting on my fat ass writing stuff I don't even want to be writing.

Is this like some kind of evil convergence of the planets?


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