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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

There's nothing romantic about any of it

It's all very down to earth and practical.

First, I spent much of the weekend meditating on the proper way to go about my job dilemma. I decided I needed to tell the administrator I simply can't work full time for three-quarter time pay. I was quite resolved --- a bit nervous, but determined to do it.

I smoked all the way to work yesterday in preparation. Calm thoughts, be calm, you can do this, the typical pep talk.

She freaked out.

So. So much for that. I should have gone with my original plan, which was to get another job and simply --- well, leave. But I didn't.

So tomorrow, I cut my hair off. It's insane look, wild and long, meaning it is not job hunt material.

And Sister Scorpion's blog is now missing. MJ's is still there, but Sister Scorpion's is missing. Which is somewhat of a relief --- I'm glad to know I'm not the only blog at Blogger which goes missing now and then. But it seriously interferes with my reading, which is now on a timer --- I've set my internet thing to ask me every ten minutes if I really want to be online. This is in the hopes of rehabilitating my fat ass.

Oh, and a student yelled at me yesterday. I basically told her to shove it. Well, okay, what I really said was don't like it? File a complaint against me, toots. Sans toots, but something like that.

And the tomatoes are coming up and the last I saw of the guineas, they were running as fast as they can the other way. No sign of them since.


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