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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


I'm getting ready to eat at my kitchen table for the first time since I moved here.

I haven't been able to eat at the table til now because it's always been covered with --- with whatever. Seeds during seed buying, seed sorting and seed planting time. Screws and nails. Paint and brushes. Books. Material. Etc.

Dinner will be nice fat boiled shrimp, avocado with fresh squeezed lime and cilantro, and fresh squeezed Texas Ruby Red grapefruit.

On my next post, I'll tell you about the interesting birds that are now living here because I'm watering so much and there's a drought. There's a new little woodpecker --- he's not a Downy (got them), not a red-headed (got them, too) and definitely not a Pileated (definitely have them --- it's a bit like living with Woody the Woodpecker). There's also an interesting little cross between some kind of a jay and some kind of a titmice. Smaller than a jay, larger than a titmice, sits differenty than both. Never seen one before. House wrens have also moved in --- I've never had wrens before. :-)

Off to make dinner. Now this is progress.