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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Here's the deal, MJ

I've been suffering under a convergence of absurdities.

It began over a month ago --- or some time thereabouts --- when allergies gone mad went into my ear and gave me the ear infection from hell.

There was green stuff coming out! I honestly thought my head was going to explode and got so desperate, I was smearing Anbesol on that side of my head.

Then, the ear infection settled down, but I stupidly switched antihistamines, thinking Dimetapp was better than Benadryl. But in fact Benadryl was doing the job and the Dimetapp didn't stand a chance against these evil allergens.

I finally realized a day or so ago, when not only my ear but everything from my ear down to my upper chest was dancing in a histamine frenzy, that maybe I should have stuck to the Benadryl. I was right. So I knocked myself out on them yesterday and am beginning to feel much better.

Except now I can't talk because I have laryngitis like everyone else in this part of the state.

Then, sometime in the middle of all this, I spilled chicken soup all over my keyboard. I'm still waiting for the new keyboard to arrive and, in the meantime, have to do funny things to get spaces between things, which makes writing anything take 2-3 times longer. Especially anything online because my browser doesn't appreciate me using the Apple control key for anything, and it crashes everytime I get close to the fearful key.

And of course, there's been the grade protest from one of the most gawd awful students I've ever had. That finally seems to have settled down, but it required hours and hours of writing, and hours and hours of considering whether I ought to just break down and tell her you were lucky to pass at all because I saw absolutely no evidence you're capable of college level work. Which I finally broke down and did, even though I'm now certain I'm going to be fired.

It hasn't all been bad. For one, I've begun a supermarket garden on my kitchen table. This garden consists of things I've bought at the grocery and whimsically stuck in pots with dirt. So far, I have scallions, lemon grass and ginger growing. And they're really growing.

I've also decided to become a Buddhist, except the meat thing has me worried. I'm doing this not only because Buddhism really does intuitively and intellectually make complete sense to me, but because I think the materialists are as crazy as the rightwing Christians, and I just don't feel like playing in their backyard anymore.

So that's what's been going on. I was too embarrassed to come on here and say why I wasn't here because it's seemed I'm always making excuses here. So I decided to wait til I had a keyboard and a brain again.