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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Blogger ...

... is driving me crazy. Today all my links are gone. Yesterday it was telling me my blog doesn't exist. Before that, it locked the blog because someone turned me in as a spam blog.

I think I might find someplace else to blog. Grrrr.

Friday, March 17, 2006

The guineas are back

I had just overcome my grief over them running away, looked out --- and there they were.


The guineas are gone

I looked out the front door just in time to see them running down the road as fast as their little legs could carry them.

I knew this would happen. Everyone warned me guineas never stay. And I'd just gotten attached to them, too, and was thinking how nice it was to have a little herd of them clucking around the place.


Thursday, March 16, 2006

Day Five? Six?

I don't remember.

I am whooped. And it's great.

I planted two blueberries and a crepe myrtle yesterday, and did some other doodling around out there. I haven't gotten any more seeds started --- I'll do that today because I'm just too whooped to do much else.

The problem now is trying to figure out where to put the viburnum --- front or back?

There is so much sitting around here in pots just waiting to get planted. Butterfly bushes, more crepe myrtles I got on sale, another blueberry or two, some elderberries and grapes --- plus a ton of trees and more bushes which won't be ready to go in the ground for another year or so.

A lot of these plants I meant to get in the ground last year during the last part of my spring break. Then my brother died. I got the call just about 10 a.m. a year ago today.

I'm glad this past year is over. I did nothing in his memory today except live my life. Somehow that seems like the right thing to do. I think he'd like a meeting of his strange collection of friends --- they're all scientific types and very, very geeky. I mean, Kings and Queens of the Geeks and Nerds, which I consider an incredibly honorific designation. And I know they had just that.

But there was the other side of him which was naturalist. He could never do the outdoors like I can because his allergies were so bad, coupled with asthma. And in recent years, he was becoming progressively crippled by something unidentified which he pretended he didn't have. But he still did a fair amount, as much as he could, and he'd forgotten more than I'll ever know. So today I did normal outdoor things, in his honor. I bought straw for mulching and building more soil. I did a little mowing, to help ensure the insect population doesn't get a stronghold here. I poured coffee and tea and grounds and leaves over the strawberries and blueberries. I scattered peat and began planning where things are going to be planted.

I clucked at the guineas and took my dogs back there again, trying to acclimate them a bit more. I think the guineas are going to stay around. My brother would have scolded me over that because they make such horrible noise.. But he would have been secretly pleased because nothing can clear an area of lawn grubs and ticks and fleas faster than a herd of guineas. Not to mention, that good guinea poop.

Tonight, I start my second flat of seeds.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Yoohoo! Representative Balkman!!

Why aren't you banning football or legislating the death penalty for people who work on Sundays? I mean, touching pigskin and working on the Sabbath are proscribed by the Bible, aren't they?

And why haven't you come up with similar provisions for store clerks to refuse to ring up factory produced meats and poultry because they object to Tyson and the hog farms poisoning our rivers and groundwater, and because they really aren't interesting in participating in the cycle which has helped to create Mad Cow Disease?

And while you're at it, maybe it's time you practiced some of that good ole fashioned Compassionate Conservatism. I think you and Inhofe ought to donate every dollar you've ever received from the oil and gas industries to the poor. Hmmm? What about you? You gonna be practicing some of those good old fashioned Christian values?

Right. I thought not. Typical lying hypocrital sleazebag extremist.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Day Four

I remembered last night that Leila, who I nominated for a Koufax which I promptly forgot about because I got busy and sick so I didn't tell her but not for malicious reasons I was simply sick and miserable and it's not like she runs in those blog circles anyway after all she has her own blog circles and she's already won lots of awards I mean Sister Scorpion is famous in her own time really she is but I thought she ought to know I nominated her even if I did forget until like only a few hours before the end of voting ...

... but I forgot she's out of town this week.

So. So much for that.

A summary of today:

Seeds: I have started edible chrysanthemums, thyme (yes, more thyme), lion's ear. In addition to two tomato varieties, one of which is Sun Gold, not Red Gold. And I have Cathedral Bells (I think) and Marvel of Peru seeds soaking.

The Lawnmower: I got the lawnmower in my trunk and got in to the little small engine store where they have the most hilarious picture on their wall --- it's of three coonhounds with big old buck teeth and the caption reads Arkansas coonhounds for sale. I started laughing and couldn't stop. So I should get the lawnmower back in a day or so, which means I'm going to have to start mowing. Which is good news because ...

Diet: I'm going to have to go on a diet. I'm positively blossoming here but enough is enough but if I'm going to get a perfectly FABULOUS job I'm going to have to do something about the expansion which might explain why ...

Cigarettes: I bought a pack of cigarettes today and am smoking at this very moment. Damn.

As for ...

The Guineas: I bought some scratch for them today, went out and threw some their way which caused them extreme psychological conflict --- approach avoidance the old FOOD FOOD YUMMY IT'S GOOD OMG IT'S A PERSON RUN RUN RUN FOR YOUR LIFE BUT THERE'S FOOD OVER THERE AND IT'S YUMMY AND I WANT SOME so I decided to make it a little easier on them and I left.

Guineas aren't the sharpest tools in the shed, you know.

In any case, after sneaking back inside and over to the window to spy on them and watching them overcome with fright at the sight of OH MY GOD!!! the front of the shed yet again I snuck back outside with a pan of scratch which resulted in complete mayhem in the back yard THE MONSTER THE MONSTER IS BACK BUT OMG SHE'S GOT YUMMY YUMMY FOOD WE LOVE HER WE HATE HER MUST RUN THIS WAY NO THAT BUT I DON'T KNOW WHICH WAY TO RUN SO I'LL MAKE HORRIBLE NOISES!!! so i set the pan of scratch down and decided to make it a little easier on them yet again and I left ...

... which led them to parade around the shed once again and once again be overcome with complete horror at the sight of OMG THE FRONT OF THE SHED THERE'S STUFF IN THERE RUN RUN FOR YOUR LIFE WAIT I CAN FLY UP AND SIT ON THIS and it was quite a long time til they remembered there was a pan with scratch in it.

Really, a few bricks short of a load. But very very entertaining.

I didn't get too much else done today. I had to leave the house too much to be too productive.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Day Three, End

I simply can't title post after post the same.

So it's come to the end of Day Three, and I've gotten a bit done.

I'm so terribly out of shape, though --- which I usually am at the end of winter, but especially this year, thanks to the sickness that went first in my right ear and then down.

And I have to find a new job. I spent the morning anxiety ridden.

And I wish there was less "I" in all this, but "I" is what it is right now.

So, for starters, the guineas (see picture below) are roosting at night in one of the oaks in my back yard. They don't like people a bit. Not a bit. And I don't know where they go mid-day, but they're here every morning and every afternoon, and are sleeping high in the trees at night.

And the treefrogs are singing at night. Their singing is still faint but they're definitely starting to come out of hibernation. But we're getting a freeze tonight --- fortunately not too hard a freeze, but a freeze nonetheless. I hope the redbuds and dogwoods survive. I forgot to put covering on one of my blueberries which has started leafing out.

I started two varieties of tomatoes today: Red Gold, which is supposedly a cult favorite heirloom, and a bush tomato called Celebrity. I also finished another bed (although not the one I intended) and adjusted one out back, so I can plant another grape there.

Tomorrow, I have to go into town to get peat and maybe a bit of soil, then some more straw. And get the lawn mower in. I'm going to have to mow by weekend.

Tornadoes struck about 40-50 miles north last night. I know some people in the communities that were hit. I'm hoping they're okay.

Meanwhile, the western part of the state is still in flames.

And BTW Leila ...

I nominated you for best local blog for a Koufax ... and I forgot to tell you. Sorry, the last month or so has been kind of insane.

You have until 11:59 tonight to vote for yourself.

I have to get a new job

This is really bad. I really really hate my job, and none of my psychological backflips are helping.

I've tried from "at least I have a job" to "oh don't take it so seriously" to "there's nothing better out there" and back again, and none of it is helping.

I've pondered whether I have commitment issues, which is somewhat of a given about a lot of things.

I've fretted over whether I'm just terribly selfish, and this selfishness is why I'm unable to sacrifice myself for the next generation of little heathens.

I've worried that I'm just flatout lazy.

None of it is working. I have simply come to hate the job. Too little money for way too much work, and the commute is a bitch.

My mind is thoroughly clouded by thinking about it.

Sunday, March 12, 2006



Gardening Journal, 2006, Day Two

It's not my brother. Despite my convoluted rationalizations, my funk is because I hate my job. I know because I'm on break, and I woke up this morning in a glorious mood because I don't have to grade, don't have to prepare anything, don't have to worry about standing in front of rooms full of students, most of whom (like me) would rather be anywhere but there.

Damn. So I'm back at square one.

Despite the funk, the gardening chores are starting to come along. I got the front bed about 3/4 of the way built yesterday. Then storms started moving through, fortunately going just northeast because they were whoppers. But their winds could be felt all the way here, and the sky was a very nasty black. So I got interrupted and didn't finish. Besides, carting those cinder blocks around was a real chore and I hadn't eaten enough, so didn't have quite the energy needed. Not to mention, it's the beginning of the season, and I did spend a month flat on my back, except when I was teaching. Kind of out of shape!

This storm produced tornados, too, touching down just east of the Arkansas line, or about 15-20 miles from me.

One of the most amazing things about living out here is that you can hear the storms for miles and miles. Last night, I watched lightning from about 30-40 miles south of me. I'm not sure what this is about. We're mountainous here and heavily forested. I assume the mountains and forests are somehow different kinds of "obstacles" than large buildings and the like. More interesting is that the mountains and forests really do dissipate the storms, while buildings don't. Even though we can hear and see the storms here. Maybe it has something to do with heat retention? Solidity? I have no idea.

Well, whatever.

I got seed flats prepared, and will be starting tomatoes, thyme (yes, more thyme), lion's ears, Pride of Gibaltar, and Cathedral Bells tonight. I also put a mess of seeds in the freezer --- meant to do that a while back, but --- well, but didn't get around to it.

The best part of the day was that two guineas showed up and humiliated one of my dogs by honking and cackling at him. They're very handsome fellows and were really chowing down on the bugs --- much preferable to the damned armadillo who's been digging holes everywhere. But I haven't seen (or heard) the guineas yet today. Maybe they went home.

I got very, very grubby yesterday. It was heavenly.